LMA Recycling is a specialised material recycling business with expertise in a wide variety of materials. We focus on recovering valuable materials from metal scrap, end-of-life vehicles, electrical scrap (WEEE) and the residues and wastes from these recycling processes.

We have a small but highly experienced team who understand the needs of different types of suppliers. We are offer competitive options to all, dealing with major international companies and local government through smaller businesses and the general public.

We hold an extensive range of accreditations so you can be confident that your material will be recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly way. We are committed to processing material here in the UK at our six-acre site in Aylesford, near Maidstone in Kent. We don’t export any electrical scrap to the developing world. We are always investing in developing new processing techniques to recover more value from waste and avoid material being sent to landfill.

If you have any of the materials listed on our website for scrap or disposal please give a call or send an email to discuss how we can help.