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Welcome to London Mining Associates Ltd, your trusted partner in sustainable recycling solutions.

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Welcome to London Mining Associates

Welcome to London Mining Associates Ltd, your trusted partner in sustainable recycling solutions. We specialise in the downstream processing of waste generated by various recyclers, with a primary focus on materials from car shredders and electronics processors. We also run a general scrap metal recycling facility as well as innovative initiatives such as the recycling of electric motors and PV solar panels.

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London Mining Associates Ltd, founded in 2014 in Erith and now based in Aylesford, is a renowned player in the recycling industry. Specializing in downstream processing and waste management, we boast a skilled team dedicated to reshaping the recycling landscape. We are led by Director Mark Harvey with Operations Manager Shaun McDonald, Compliance  Mark Harvey Junior, Logistics and Weighbridge Organizer Brooke Harvey, and Commercials Lawrence Gruijters, we bring expertise to every facet of recycling. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability makes us a trusted partner for recyclers seeking responsible and efficient waste solutions. Join us at London Mining Associates for a greener, more sustainable future.

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What We Do

Our Services

Our significant experience within the recycling industry means that we can provide many services to assist you. These include:

DownStream Processing

Our state-of-the-art downstream processing means we can dispose of end-of-life vehicles, shredder residue and electronics from ATTFs.

Scrap Metal

Our vast experience within the Scrap Metal Industry means we can assist with the recycling of most scrap metals. Get in touch for further assistance.

Persistent organic Pollutants (POPs) destruction

Increasing numbers of waste streams are being identified as containing POPs. These chemicals need to be irreversibly destroyed. We can help facilitate this.  

Electronics Recycling

Our vast experience in the disposal of electronics means that you can be assured that your electronics will be recycled efficiently recovering maximum value with zero landfill.

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New Hythe Lane, Unit 4, Invicta Park, Larkfield, Aylesford ME20 7FG

01622 882442

To arrange an out-of-hours appointment then please call the number above.

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